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The Best of the 4chan Cup Co Now, a second phase began. GhostRidah Member Apr 27, Click for an Example. Athletic lesbian sex. 4chan animated gifs. For a longer time now we can observe a shift from this technical definition to a broader cultural understanding of what GIFs are.

Also, it is divided into three separate articles to make it more accessible: Mar 1, 3, 0 0. A second paradigm shift was at the end of Januarywhen WebMs on 4chan were allowed to have sound. Thread starter spiderman Start date Apr 26, It does what it says, and is a great way to kill a few minutes. A variety of these archives exist, but every one of them only provides archives for certain boards.

No posts with their sole purpose being to communicate with another redditor. Firefox renders it horribly slowly because it forces a ms delay between the "frames" of the animation even though they are set with 0 delay so that they should all display simultaneously. Popular Posts Bugs and issues of Windows 10 version Firefox Scroll down for the next article.

I've always wondered why more people didn't do this. Naked pictures of queen latifah. The core of the presentation will be a small survey I conducted over the last weeks. Rewrite Not as deep as he thinks Apr 27, Why is the internet such a horrible place nowadays? Where I found my old avatar RIP. Open it in something like Paint. New "Subreddit Of The Month": I'm confused at people saying they want an animated GIF printed out to hang in their house.

Jan 20, 1, 0 0. From the current point of view it seems that the usual definition of GIFs nowadays is merely linked to the file format, but to its appearance and appropriation. Mon Apr 07, By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. Heiner Wolf wrote down the backstory of that part of code translation herewhich was included by Scott Furman from Netscape.

If reddit suddenly banned. Mon Apr 07, 1: This includes asking for upvotes and posts about your cakeday. However, meanwhile I found a new archive for the ongoing time after Augustbut I will care about that in a while.

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Mon Apr 07, Each tournament match is webcast in real-time on the video game streaming platform Twitch. May 14, 11, 0 0. Phyllis davis video. Therefore there is no data for March and parts of April.

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Any serious round-up for animated GIF sites has to make mention of 4Chan. Over at the infamous image board, 4chan, support for WebM was added. Any and all social media content is prohibited on this subreddit with the exception of Snapchat-captioned photos. In the last step, the data has been merged into an overview table that organises the values for each month first step of the study, June to December and each day second step, from December to July GIF sites are an artifact of the old Internet.

Well, have a look back to, lets say, Then again some don't work in my opinion. 4chan animated gifs. Aus diesen drei Punkten resultiert jedoch noch ein wahrscheinlich viel schwerwiegender Umstand, der GIFs das Monopol sichern konnte. Hierzu bezieht wiederum Lialina den Standpunkt: Jul 19, 6, 0 0. Tollywood actress naked videos. I had never seen these types of GIFs. Why is the internet such a horrible place nowadays? If reddit suddenly banned. All data and graphs, the following text relates to, can be found in part one of the series.

Image Macros that aren't memes are allowed Open it in something like Paint. This time not the absolute numbers, but the average amount of files per day in each month. I predict the 2nd or third page will start featuring bouncing tits or stupid trollface gifs as GAFfers start posting their favorite anigifs, not "artsy" ones.

Posts which result in harassment of any individual, subreddit, or other entity may be removed at the moderators' discretion. Mon Apr 07, 4: So bear with me. Well, GIFs, of course. These archives provided a very good database for this study, but nonetheless, some aspects must be kept in mind. Back to the Podcast-GIF-thingy. 18 year old nice tits. Last edited by chronomitch on Mon Apr 07, 2: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. What is it about a looped image that makes it so enthralling?

Apr 22, 2, 0 0 Amsterdam. What I want to illustrate with all this is: Yet they persist and even thrive. Apr 6, 9, 0 0. If you are hanging out on forums and places like Myspace or 4Chan that seem to drown in animated gifs you may want to give Giftube a try to find new graphics to impress, or terrorize, others with. Sep 20, 7, 0 0.

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Hot naked anime girls pictures It does what it says, and is a great way to kill a few minutes.
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