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Your idol are just guests in one episode to us, whether they make it or not is up to them, every guest in every episode will be commented on.

He made them more boring. Sexy milf panty pics. Kim Jong Kook doesn't look as bulky as before. Sparta never reveals his upper muscles so it was a great fan girl and dolling moment. Kim jong kook naked. Holy crap, there must be a fangirl fainting out there somewhere. In fact, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Kim Jong Kook is left naked and furious with only his shoes on, and tries to cover himself up with his jacket. They were trying very hard to make it fun and epic but it didn't work.

That person is HaHa! They throw them onto the shore too, leaving his legs bare. If only, good man. Step by step, Haha finally reached the bed, then he crawling inside blanket.

Off course they would be exhausted! Once they arrive at the finish line, all of their team members must get and climb into the one car that will take theme back to their respective point in history.

Where are you going this early morning? Credit to awesome airplanegirl And what does sticking his cheeks out meant? You'll not regret watching this: Thats how much kjk's value among industry insider. Goole xnxx com. The merchant scores a point, and before Jong-kook can pass off the ball, Kwang-soo pulls down the shirt wrapped around him too. The second mission particularly showed that BB tried really hard.

Okay it wasn't the best episode of the year but i did enjoy it especially the last race. I wonder if it's because he is aging or because he's not overdoing his workouts after his back surgery. I dont know how they are on another tv show, since my knowlegde about k-ent bassicaly I got from RM dont watch kdrama or listen kpopbut on this episode the guests were active.

Well I guess everybody have different taste. I am sure YJS is a big fan of Spartace!!! Obviously skewed towards BigBang winning. Up, Up and Away! He tries to claw his way in, only to be pulled backwards by the Easy Brothers. Posted April 7, I think I know who that girl is. Go watch the recent BB special on Happy Together! I also agree with the person who said YJS should have been on the bigbang team, since that way he would have made it more entertaining rather than just competitive feeling.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. I don't know what sort of law it is in Korea.

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It's a shame because I knew they were trying hard to win but KJK's presence overwhelmed them.

Never have loved Bigbang this much. I hope we can see more in the near future. Mageina tovah nude. Kim jong kook naked. There is fun cheating and then there is this. I honestly want 'find the guest' or hunting games. Let's get real, if KJK was so upset about it, it would have been edited out. Jong-kook pulls ahead but the passengers in both cars are left impressed at how their drivers maneuvers those tight corners.

Liked the latest Happy Together segment with BigBang as well. I guess I don't have to. Wow, so many comments for a RM episode. Free xxx pussy eating videos. Lol Seungri shading that he happy to appear on Korean tv show. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Sign in Already have an account? Staying in a country where k dramas ain't that popular, dramabeans the only source to know about the different shows.

And for producer drama, eventhough the story goes around about 1n2d, but kjk was the one the production team want even from the planning stage eventhough kjk was well known as rm member. Stripping someone naked is stripping thou. I couldn't help wondering thru the episode what if Yoo Jae Suk had been the "captain" of the Big Bang team, instead of Jong-kook. The episode would've been more entertaining without them.

And there have been plenty before GD who would fashion the towel on their head like-so such as Chajumma. Add and Subtract Game. At their first destination the teams are met with a mat of various-sized gears, and whoa—they move at different speeds. They were all so hardworking and bright despite how obviously tired they were form their promotions.

DongniPongni June 13, at Yes, he loves Kim Jong Kook so much! His MCing talent and ability to draw guests out of their shells is incomparable. Mikayla milf lessons. This was simply the last straw for me. He made them more boring. I hope never come again. This idol group is just not entertaining. But I have to agree with other commenters on here.

Announcements November Birthdays guess the kiss. You should give TOP a chance. And TOP going all out in the first game. I just died laughing when Kwang Soo stripped Jong Kook naked.

Just as Jong-kook turns the final corner, we see Jae-suk not too far off. Sign up for a new account in our community. That way the guests can stand out too. I dont know how they are on another tv show, since my knowlegde about k-ent bassicaly I got from RM dont watch kdrama or listen kpopbut on this episode the guests were active.

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Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. If only, good man. Jude June 13, at 4: However, I did think it was too much for LKS to strip him completely naked.

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